Cuadra Lifestyle


In Cuadra’s new collection Fall | Winter 2020 we accentuate the artisan origin and process of our designs. 

Each piece that belongs to this collection is elaborated with extra care in every single aspect. Their construction involves an artisan process made by expert hands and creative minds that embellish them with unique touches.  

We took these textures as muses to create a color palette that goes from earth tones inspired in the harvest of the grapes and aging of the wine in the oak barrels. To contrasting colors like red and white, that we find in a glass of wine. And we end up in unexpected metallic tones that bring us light and shimmer and remind us to the technology used in the fermentation process. 

We didn’t leave behind the finesse and elegance portrayed in the classic and traditional designs, which like wine, age with grace and remain treasured.  


Hallucinating and majestic pieces are born in this collection. Loose yourself to the breathtaking experience that Cuadra grants.