Cuadra Lifestyle


The world is wise and the presence of time over it tells us stories that will remain.


The footprints that experiences leave on the earth and on us are inevitable. It’s time to see those marks as small memorials from the past, retake the good moments, learn from the unpleasant experiences and transform our future with the wisdom that we have inherited.



If the wind could speak, if we stopped to listen to the nature. We would find in it shapes and textures that, even though they have always been there, we didn’t notice them before.

Our new collection Cuadra Fall | Winter 2021 is an ode to purity, fluidity and nature. We were inspired in the mountains, the warmth of the earth and the soft lines that the wind draws in the sky. We contemplate colors that reflect neutrality and intensity at the same time: Deep black, warm chocolate, bright white and shiny sparks that bring us light.

We recall our beginnings and we embrace our past paying tribute to pieces that left their mark and have stayed in Cuadra history as classics.

Let’s stop time and its rush, and let’s breathe and remember who we are and where we come from; to then move on with fresh air, new goals and a clear vision of the limits we want to reach.