Cuadra Lifestyle


“In an ephemeral world, in which things come and go quickly, we’ve had to make a pause and rewind. Facing challenging circumstances, it is time to take a step back for a minute and appreciate what surrounds us. Admire the details that have always been there and the ones that have emerged with time.


Cuadra’s Spring | Summer 2021 collection brings us modern silhouettes, precise lines and defined geometric shapes that give us movement and direction.

This season amuses us with a few pieces and details in vibrant colors like red, pink and metallic tones that bring us back to life; we also get a balance with the elegance and versatility of the neutral tones.

All of this contrasted with finishes that reminds us that there is beauty in the details and that they make a difference.

We open a portal between the classics and contemporaries that pushes us to keep evolving and to look for new shapes and ways to transcend. We dabble into the current trends without loosing the trace of the traditional essence that has paid tribute to Cuadra from the very beginning. 



The challenge persists, without a question we’ll have a bright future, and we’ll keep moving on. Leaving behind the shadows to reemerge in a world filled with light, only we know how far we will get, but this time we have a motivation that stirs us up that it’s going to be us who will leave a mark.”