Cuadra Lifestyle


The new collection Fall | Winter 2019 is inspired in our connection with nature, the passing time and the human transformation.

We look forward to transform with a fresh gust of style that takes us to embrace tight our roots, celebrate them and honor our essence. We pave the way towards the infinite possibilities to grow, conquer and transcend.


We find in every design lines, waves and decors that fill us with movement; sophisticated details materialized by immense artisan knowledge in which every aspect is portrayed.


Earth colors that commemorate the Wild West, deserts and mountains; intense tones like wine and terracotta inspired in the dawn, the sunset and the nature that morphs its pigmentation with the time reminding us that change can be grand. And organic colors such as green and blue, that comfort and protect us just like the nature that breathes along with us.


With an adventurous spirit we move and leave a legacy that will be reminded, and we will rise. We take firm steps leaving behind everything that is unnecessary, keeping the memories and nostalgia that gives us confidence and motivation to build and harvest the future.


Conquer and transform the world with Cuadra.