Cuadra Lifestyle


Cuadra’s new collection Spring Summer 2020 is a point of converging between nature and humankind creations.

We put together textures, colors and finishes that wake our senses and take us to remember our origins and the eternal connection we have with nature.

This collection is composed by unique pieces that show us timeless beauty and have a strong and seductive, yet delicate and graceful personality. Every detail portrayed in the collection is tailored to the tapestry of our life, in which step by step we wove stories.

The color palette used as inspiration for this season is a botanical stroll where natural elements are revealed. We walk the ground with warm, sandy shades; we meet an oasis where cold colors like white and blue plunge and refresh us.

We continue or path to the vegetation where we can find floral accents to end up in a vast sky that shows us the golden sun rays and the silver shinning stars, merging and melting to give us master pieces that come to live.

Reconnect with nature and allow yourself to bloom with the vitality of Cuadra.