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3 different outfits for the weekend

Your looks are all about your mood, and the parties you have on your schedule. That’s why we want to give you these 3 options, so you can choose the one it’s better for your style. Pick a pair of shoes and identify the best look for you.


If you want to be confortable and looking sexy, this outfit is the one for you. When you’re using a pair of “masculine shoes”, you need to match them with some ultra-feminine clothes to create a balance. Complete your shoes with a 70’s skirt or with your favorite jeans. Add a shirt and a big hat.


Make a statement with your boots, and dress with black clothes from head to toe. Look inside your wardrobe and find the skinniest jeans you have, add a croptop and you’ll be ready. If you´re creating a daytime look match it with your aviator sunglasses and a pretty watch, you’ll look amazing. If it’s a nighttime look, add a leather jacket or a cool coat.


Booties are irreplaceable, timeless and chic. They look good with almost any pieces of clothes, so you can match them with whatever you want. To be ready for a crazy weekend, mix them with a loose-fit dress or with your favorite mini-shorts. Which one was your favorite style? Tell us in the comments below, and go to oursite to see what’s new.

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