3 reasons why you NEED a vest this season – Cuadra México
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reasons why you NEED a vest this season

They are practical, beautiful and very comfortable. But that is not all! The advantages of having a vest for this season are many. Of course, although you may have more reasons to have a Cuadra vest, in this post we will give you some tips to combine them and to make a good profit from it. These are the infallible reasons why you need a vest this season, plus, of course, wish with all your strength. Keep reading to know them!

Because it will be your ally to attract all the sights.

A vest in an intense color, like red, will complement an outfit of colors in the same tone, just clearest. Millenial pink pants will be very fashionable this season. Dare to wear this red vest with your favorite summer outfit! In addition to this option with pants, you can also combine it with your favorite dress. We guarantee that you will not go unnoticed.

Because it’s perfect to warm you up without getting overheated.

If you live in a place where the weather is changing and it happens that in the morning it is cold but in the afternoons it is extremely hot a vest will save you! You can combine a summer outfit totally white and add a vest in honey color to accentuate the clarity of your set. You will be ready to face any climate that fate may have for you.

Because it is a basic accessory in the wardrobe of a woman with style.

In fashion, less is more. But sometimes, adding one more garment gives the feeling that your outfits are more complete and more thoughtful. For example, a basic sport outfit of trousers and blouse changes from basic and with no style to glamorous and sophisticated with just a vest. Simple and effective!

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