Autumn trend: Python leather – Cuadra México
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Autumn trend

It’s time to take out those accessories, boots and jackets with the python leather´s textures. As you may have noticed, wearing this pattern in some kind of garments is becoming a trend. And, being honest, is exceptional to carry this trend in luxurious items. Python leather is a luxurious print, ideal for daring women. In here we´re going to talk about this autumn trend: python leather, you ´re going to know pros and cons and how to combine it.

In jackets…

We love its application in garments, such as jackets. The textures that shine on the python leather are shocking and immediately give a luxurious touch to everything. Obviously this style is reserved for women who want to make strong, energizing fashion statements and are not afraid to stand out. Are you one of them?

In boots…

If you want to wear this textures in more discreet accessories, why not try with a pair of boots? The best thing about this leather is that the designers have been in charge of presenting it in many items. That’s why you can find shoes that are very discreet and another ones that are pretty extra. When you´re wearing some python leather´s item, make sure your other clothes are neutral.

In bags…

Another option to wear this trend is in bags. It may be the only element that can be combined with the boots at the same time. The rest of your clothes may be the simplest in the world, but we guarantee that this combination of accessories will rock!

So… are you ready to wear the autumn trend? It’s time to incorporate it into your looks. Remember that CUADRA has many items in luxurious exotic leathers, so you can visit us in our Official Stores in Houston and Las Vegas. Fall in love with our designs!