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Christmas looks: the best outfits for the holidays

The holidays are super close. These are days in which we love to look nice and wear Brand new clothes in our Christmas dinners or parties.

On today’s blog we will give you a few tips to match your favorite Cuadra footwear.

Dress boots

Dress boots are highly elegant and they give us this Winter vibe that adds formality to your outfit. You can combine your dress boots with semi formal suits, dress pants with a sweater, blazers, etc.


Sneakers don’t always have to be informal. In Cuadra we’ve made sure that your sneakers are adequate to wear them with casual or semi formal attires. You can wear a pair of jeans in light or dark shades, dress pants or you can even combine them with a casual suit and you’ll see how this combination will look amazing.


A formal and sophisticated style. One of the classic combinations is wearing them with dress pants, they can be worn with a suit jacket, coat, blazer or even with a knit sweater.

These combinations are perfect for the holidays. Now that you have a few ideas go check us out on AMAZON or visit one of our stores in Las Vegas.