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How to combine the summer sneakers

Finally came the model that we were waiting for so long. The 13QPBSN sneakers with their genuine leather python applications with golden finish. They shine so much that they will fascinate you! Obviously we were going to prepare a blog article to tell you exactly how to combine the summer sneakers. Keep reading so that, if you already have them, you know how to take advantage of them. And if you still do not have them, we assure you that you will fall in love with them.

With modern dresses.

These sneakers are so chic, that you can wear it with super feminine clothes and nothing sport. A shirt dress, a satin slip dress or a midi dress will look great with this pair of sneakers. Make sure the dress is at the knee or under it. If you wear a very short dress, it can be somewhat childish. We want you to look jovial but not like a little girl!

With original pants.

The pants with prints are taking the dressers, so they have become a must-have for the summer. Combine them with this fabulous footwear and you will steal glances. Just take care not to mix more prints and choose a nice blouse in a neutral color.

With casual shorts.

KEEP IT CASUAL. And we emphasize this! If you are going to opt for a sportier look, the shorts you use should be casual, but never sporty. Add a very feminine blouse and if possible in an intense color. It’s summer so take advantage! The best thing about this shoe is that despite being casual and sport style, the shiny finish gives it that luxurious touch that no one will give you.

Are you ready to be the envy of all the girls? Of course, now that you know how to combine the summer sneakers. Run through them to our Cuadra Stores and be the sensation. Also you can pass by our Online Store so you choose the perfect pair for you.