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Long-laced boots, how to wear them.

One the favorite designs of the designs of the season were the long-laced boots, and we perfectly understand why. Besides being super comfortable it has all the avant-garde style we absolutely adore, we can combine them with so many outfits in different styles and they give us an unique contrast.

On today’s blog we will tell you a few tips of how you can wear your boots and which elements you can add.

Python Crossbody

Python leather texture in gold or any other metallic shade can be a pretty nice option to combine our boots, because it will kinda match the subtle camouflage print and the small perforations in the sides.

Fur collar coat

Tehre is nothing more elegant than genuine fur applications, especially when found in the collar of a jacket or coat. The elegance and sophisticated of this garment will create a very interesting contrast with your boots. A great option for wearing with your boots and coat is a midi skirt or dress in a soft color like pearl, sand or beige.

Brown accessories

These boots have sections without the print or the metallic finish, feel inspired by the color and the texture and combine them with similar accessories. It can be a belt, a wallet or any other complement that your outfit requires. By doing this the print of your boots will stand out.