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outfits that you have to wear on Valentine's Day

The most loving day of the year is approaching, and as always, we want you to look perfect. Do you have a special appointment? Will you go out with your friends on a girls afternoon? Whatever you have planned, you must make sure you look spectacular. CUADRA it´s with you at every step! Achieve with them these 3 outfits that you have to wear on Valentine’s Day.

Very loving prints

If your Valentine’s Day you will do a thousand things, it is best to have a comfortable outfit, but not least according to the date. Look for romantic details to add to your outfit. For example, a printed shirt or the significant red color. Add a pair of delicate boots, with details that look feminine and very chic.

Must-have red dress

The red dress is a Valentine’s classic! Applies especially if you have a night out, either an appointment or decide to spend the night with your friends. The secret to using this daring color in a complete outfit is not to add more details that overload it. Your hairstyle and makeup should be subtle. Also your shoes. Wear it with a pair of nude colored ankle boots, and let your dress stand out.

Sweet details in pink

This outfit is an alternative to the classic red dress, but just as romantic! The color pink when it is very pale works as a neutral color. You will realize that you can combine it with more shades of pink and it will look spectacular. Besides that this color works in an incredible way with the brown skins. With this outfit you can use footwear with details that make it stand out.

You already know the 3 outfits that you have to wear on Valentine’s Day! A special day like this one becomes even more special when you wear shoes that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. Remember that all models in this article are available in our online store.