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Outfits to wear this New Year

The night is almost here when we do the final count to give farewell to 2017. And in CUADRA we want to make sure that you receive 2018 as it should be: with a super style! That’s why we bring you today several ideas of outfits to wear this New Year. You will see that there is a constant in all: sparkles! And is that if the color red is super representative of Christmas, the brightness is an inevitable element in the New Year.

Dress + jacket and casual booties

The great thing about sequined or shiny dresses is that they are the main elements. Immediately you will stand out from the crowd. This may seem complicated to you; However, just like everything, this is about balance! Combining a sequined dress with accessories in sober colors, casual jackets will achieve that balance between festive and relaxed.

Leggings or pants + shirt and ankle boots

We recommend this option if you are a very thin girl. The brightness in the lower part will give you more volume and you can show off more curvy legs. Combine it with simple elements, including high-heeled boots to make you look SPECTACULAR.

Bright blouse + leggigs + high boots

When you choose such a striking element on the top, you must make sure that the bottom part is a single color. For example, if you want to wear black boots, be sure to wear black leggings so that your legs look stylized and long. You should not overload the lower part a lot since attention should be focused on the shiny garment. Remember that this is about achieving balance.

You can not miss the touch of brightness this holiday season, take advantage of this trend and show off your Cuadra! Remember that you can find them in our online store. Which of these outfits to wear this New Year is your favorite?