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The art of organizing your handbag

Every woman knows how disastrous a handbag can be, the vast immensity of objects that can be found at the bottom of it and how difficult it can be to find your keys when you need them the most.

That’s the reason we’ve decided to search for some tips that can help you have a more organized handbag without making a great effort, just by changing some habits and customs that you have been doing wrong.

1. Take a load off

Keeping your bag neat, literally will help you to take a load off. According to studies, your handbag should weigh less than 3 pounds and should be toted between both shoulders during its daily usage to lighten it.

A small tip to lighten the weight is to do a systematic cleaning. Getting rid of objects that you are no longer using will be the best way to keep it clean and that you don’t end up carrying things that have no usage.

2. Your wallet

Your wallet may carry a lot of weight in coins or cents. Empty your coins weekly into a jar and have them changed for bills at the bank or use them at the convenience store. You could also make a selection of the cards and IDs that you use more or less, you may find yourself still carrying with you the gym membership card that you have not visited for years.

3. Receipts

One of the biggest wallet invaders are the receipts. Choose a special place to store them in your bag. Perhaps one of the small compartments that come in the interior can help you maintain a system where you can keep what you really need; you can do a weekly cleaning of this space to keep a clutter-free purse.

4. Your Keys

Finding your keys at the bottom of your handbag when you most need them is something e that every woman have experienced. Place them in a small keyring that you can anchor to your bag to find them when you need them most. Choose a clip that you can hang from your favorite keychain to make things easier for you.

5. Mesh bags

Some things can’t fit in the small compartments of your handbag, that’s why a small mesh bag could help you organize all the items you need and be able to find them easily. Choose a see-through one to find your stuff easily.

6. Weekly cleaning

Finally, the most important tip of all is to have a weekly cleaning. Nothing is going to keep your handbag tidier than tidiness. No matter how hard you try, at the end of the week, there will be things out of its place because of the daily hustle, so after you finish your routine, give yourself five minutes to throw away what you no longer use and organize your handbag.

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