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The jackets you must have this season

We are in the jacket season, this is the perfect time to take out of the closet all that outwear that can’t even see the light during the warm season. Take advantage that the cold weather will be around for a little bit longer and let’s continue wearing the most avant-garde jackets you could ever have.

On today’s blog we will tell you which jackets must be in your closet this season.


It is highly important to have a jacket that doesn’t have that much of details so that you can add all kinds of accessories without looking too flashy or overdressed, or maybe because sometimes less is better. For these cases a plain leather jacket is your go-to choice.

Full Exotic

On the other hand, if you want your jacket to be super flashy and pop out in your outfit a Full Exotic design with multiple details and applications is the perfect choice. Genuine python leather brings us all of this due to its peculiar texture and the natural marks of it that make it look super detailed. If you want to look full of elegance and exclusivity wear a Full Exotic jacket and combine it with simpler clothes to make it the center of attention.

With fur

Another beyond elegant design is the one that has fur collar. In Cuadra we know that even though it is completely sophisticated and we all love it, there are times or season that fur simply won’t go with our outfit, so made sure that it can be removable, you’ll be able to put it on and take it off as much as you want.

Look extraordinary every day and bring on all the jackets. Go visit one of our stores and check out everything we have for you.