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The sun has arrived after so many days! And a hat and a good sunscreen should always be our companions on our summer days, even if you live in the city.

After almost two weeks of rain, you are probably already planning how to take advantage of the last solar ray. Of course we have to be careful if we don´t want to suffer the consequences of exposing ourselves to the sun without protection. The problems caused by sunstroke are very diverse, from a heat stroke to diseases of the skin, and these have been becoming more common in recent years. However, prevention is simple and we should all do our best to avoid them as much as possible. That is why today we have for you the five types of hats that everyone should have in their closet, as well as tips to recognize and combine them.

Fedora: You will recognize this type of hat as the iconic accessory of Indiana Jones or the gangsters of the 50’s movies. It is a very versatile hat, which can be used in formal and informal situations, depending on the material and stamping of which it´s made. The fedora is a good step to start wearing hats if you have never worn one, because of its possibilities it is easy to combine with almost any outfit.

Panama: This model was created in the South American lands a long time ago, and has become the most popular hat of the summer. Made of lightweight materials, the Panama hat is ideal for the beach. Generally you can find it in light colors and natural fibers. You can combine it with light and casual garments. Try to achieve a relaxed and cool look, even if you are not on vacation!

Cowboy: And the last but not the least, the favorite of all America: the cowboy hat. His style is perfect for weekend getaways. His model has been popularized to the degree of becoming an icon of American culture. Combine it with jeans and shirts if you want a practical outfit; or try mixing styles to achieve a musical festival look.

Trilby: This model is recognizable for being a little smaller than the fedoras, and the characteristic tie that always adorns it. The materials trilby is made of, are usually thick fabrics that make it a more formal alternative. This is the perfect hat for office days. Combined with classic garments, gives a touch of magic to a gray outfit.

Boater: A design for the most daring; the boater reminds us to the crew of the Venetian gondolas. Although it may be a little complicated to combine, it is one of the favorite models for its wide brim, which gives us extra protection on our sun-breaks. Try to be creative combining your boater hat; its fun design gives us the opportunity to add a touch of extravagance to our look.

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