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The summer outfit for CUADRA gentleman

The summer is approaching and temperatures continue to rise, so the first thing we think is to be as comfortable and cool as we can, so CUADRA comes with the best proposal to do it. Casual style, but always looking trendy.


A garment that allows us to look at any occasion. It gives us the opportunity to look neat, elegant, without the need to be uncomfortable. Ideal for looking different, current and fresh.

Usually men think a blazer should be the same color as the pants, but it is a mistake. They are a piece that you can use with almost any trousers, in fact for this summer the ideal is to create the contrast between the pants and the blazer.


As mentioned before the blazer is a garment that you can wear with any pants, but this summer seeks to be 100% cotton to withstand high temperatures. The color will be based on the event you want to attend, but if you are a person who always opts for the dark colors do not hesitate to wear a pair of brown pants, avoiding falling into the routine black.

White shirt

Having a white shirt in the wardrobe is very important; it is a shirt that will always get you out of trouble. You can use it on any occasion, and with any trousers. Choose a V neck shirt, just make sure it is not too pronounced. With this garment you will achieve a youthful style and ideal for this summer.


Driver footwear will be ideal to look comfortable and elegant, look for ones in the basic colors, such as black, brown, red and blue so you can use it with almost any garment. In CUADRA you will find footwear with handmade details, comfortable and ideal for a relaxed outfit with style that will help you achieve the look of summer.


And for finish add accessories to your outfit. The leather belts are ideal to enhance your look and hold the pants, look for one that matches your shoes. On the other hand, you can add a watch or a leather bracelet and details that stand out when you wear the blazer rolled up.

Get ready for the coming season and visit our Online Shop and know our proposals.