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Which boots are your type?

When we talk about boots, we know that there are styles for every preference and occasion. On today’s blog we will show you three types of boots and we will tell you a few combinations you can make with them.

urban boots

One of the favorites is the urban style. Besides being super comfortable, urban boots are incredibly versatile. You can wear them in multiple occasions and with a great variety of outfits. Our favorite combination is a casual shirt, a pair of dark or brown jeans and complete with an urban accessory like a messenger bag or document bag. Add your urban boots and you’ll get the perfect casual outfit.

cowboy boots

Without a doubt this is the favorite style of many. We know that you know perfectly fine how to combine this type of boots, but today we bring you a proposal that will make you look super elegant. Over a plain shirt, in a neutral tone, add one of Cuadra’s new leather camisoles. This exclusive garment will give you that extra of exclusivity you were looking for in your traditional outfit.

dress boots

Last but not least, this pair of boots with traditional inspiration and shiny finish will be key for your elegant outfits. If you have a social event or a gathering with friends this is your best choice. Combine your boots with embroidery, a pair of dark pants, white formal button up shirt and complement with a brown hat.

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