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How to wear the jeans of the season

Jeans are the object that can never be missing in a wardrobe and this year the ones that you have to buy are the boyfriend jeans. This style stand out for being slightly masculine jeans as the name implies. They are medium-waist jeans, with a wide and straight cut worn and sometime broken look. Their most valuable characteristic is that they are completely comfortable and look amazing. They exists a lot of styles of this jeans but one of the favorites this year is the boyfriend jeans with embroidery. The look great with booties and basic top for a balanced outfit, the whole attention must be focused on the details of the jeans. The favorite of the influencers are the boyfriend jeans with frayed bass. This style looks fabulous with moccasins and a t-shirt with lace or floral print to give it a feminine touch that the jeans and shoes don’t give it. Another one that cannot miss in your wardrobe is a short boyfriend jeans, this style goes perfectly with sport footwear and a basic t-shirt to help outline the body. Finally, one of our favorites will be the one wearing the folded bass, ideal for use with military-style boots, giving a grunge personality.

Don’t forget to include accessories, like handbags, hats and jewelry that they will give personality to any of these looks. You can take a look to our Spring-Summer collection to get inspired.

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