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10 Wardrobe Essentials of the season

This time of the year is kind of difficult for the fashionistas out there, it seems like our outfits don’t fit, and our wardrobe can´t save us from this crazy weather. Don´t panic! It’s all fine; just keep reading if you wanna know which items are going to be the answers for your doubts: You favorite bag: There’s nothing more elegant than a fresh and natural look for those months of summer. If you match your bag or clutch with the rest of your outfit, then you are winning already. Remember these important points you need to consider; big bags are only for casual occasions, and small bags are not ideal if you have a body with curves. A romantic blouse: The sweet look fits almost every girl, and it’s perfect for you if you got some beautiful shoulders. Put some sunscreen lotion on and stay positive; it’s not going to rain and you´re gonna look amazing. The ideal hat: It keeps us away from the sun, it’s like a frizz-control product when it’s raining and it gives us a beautiful look. When you think you´re outfit looks too simple, you can always use a beautiful hat, it’s going to take your look to the next level. The transformer shoes: We all want our shoes to be robots and change its appearance all the time, but for now, that option is not available. Celebrities always use boots and booties when they need to go to a concert or any other event, where they know the day is going to be a rainy one. Why? Booties keep you away from the water and they’re easy to match too; you can even mix them with short shorts.

You can miss the musts of the season, but if you get them, we know your life is going to be a little bit easier and more stylish. Time to pick your favorite accessories! Go here to see our new collection.