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5 stylish women you should follow

You can read all the fashion tips you want but you need to remember; in fashion, you always choose the style that suits you best. Because we’re in the internet era, and it’s a time where is really easy to imitate but it’s super hard when you try to innovate. We want to impulse you to be original but a little help never hurt nobody, that’s why we wanna talk you about these powerful women, they’re going to inspire you to improve your beautiful style cause they are never wrong.
Kanye West’s nemesis was exposed a few days ago and Kim Kardashian tried to let her like one of the biggest liars in the world, but after all, we can´t say Swift doesn´t have a great taste. Taylor was just a sweet country singer, and with time, she just became the Queen of fashion, living in a palace full of short skirts and over the knee tights. Her key pieces. Booties, high waisted shorts, classic bags and red lipsticks.
The classiest first lady since Jackie Kennedy is a good example of sophisticated and humanitarian at the same time. There’s no occasion where Michelle did it wrong, without a doubt, in these 8 years she showed us how to get older with grace and style. Her key pieces. A-line dresses, minimalist clothes and vaporous skirts.
The socialite turned model turned actress, is one of the most famous faces in the world, that’s why all the fashion designers are dying to dress her. We’re going to see her in the “Suicide Squad” like Enchantress, but before that, we can see her best looks. Her key pieces. Great eyebrows, knitted hats, jeans and all black outfits.
The press used to call her “Waitie Katie”, cause they didn’t think she had it all to be the next Queen of England. They were wrong, now she is not only the Duchess of Cambridge, she’s an elegant and measured woman, and she has the look all girls want. Her key pieces. Monochromatic looks, an impeccable hair and low-hell shoes.
We don´t know how she does it, but she always looks like she’s going to walk on a runway show. The socialite star is the best when we’re talking about matching patterns, so yeah, we need to learn a lot about her. Palermo used to appear in the MTV reality show “The City”, but now she’s one of the most important muses in fashion magazines. Her key pieces. Elegant ballerinas, ankle pants and classic blazers.
Which one is your favorite fashionista on the list? See the perfect complements for your wardrobe here and follow the steps of these style icons.

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