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effective ways to keep your bag always perfect

This is a post that you cannot miss, especially if you just pamper yourself by buying a luxurious bag that you loved on our store. For every woman, a bag represents an investment that is made thinking that this luxury accessory will last us for a long time. For that magnificent dream to be accomplished, here we bring you 3 effective ways to keep your bag always perfect.

Protect and organize

First of all, if the bag you purchased has nubuck finishes or is extremely delicate leather always keep in mind that prevention will do wonders for your product. Applies spray repellent to prevent as much as possible the accumulation of dust or possible stains due to humidity. Also, inside keep everything in order inside with the help of those content organizers. In addition to protecting the lining of your bag, it will be easier to change your accessories every day.

Store them correctly

When you are not using your bags, be sure to empty them before the storing process. Never leave them hanging with weight, as this will deform their handles and the general shape of your bags. In addition you can cause irreversible damage to genuine leather. When storing be careful of make en space between each other and never store them in plastic covers, since genuine leather needs to breathe.

Keep them always clean

To keep your bags in excellent condition for longer time practice a routine of care and cleaning. First of all, make sure you never touch your bag with your hands full of moisturizing cream or wet, as you can leave an irreversible stain. Clean your bag delicately every week. Don´t exaggerate! Just make sure you never store it with dirt or without removing a stain. Also, remember to use them with moderation. Change your bag regularly in order to maintain it.

Very easy, right? These are 3 effective ways to keep your bag always perfect. Remember that in our ONLINE STORE you can find genuine leather bags that you will love!