3 tips to wear hats this fall – Cuadra México
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tips to wear hats this fall

This is an essential accessory in the wardrobe of any woman. Perfect for any season, a hat is infallible to give a touch of style to our looks without having to complicate our lives. Keep reading and know 3 tips to wear hats this fall. For example: what hairstyle you need to keep or how match your outfit without being extravagant. You won´t want to leave without your Cuadra hat!

Choose a neutral color that matches your outfit.

It´s the most practical option! Your outfit will match and all the elements will be integrated. Remember, our hats can be found in Cuadra Official Stores. We suggest: you should choose the color that predominates in your wardrobe and always keep it neutral. Camel, brown or black will be super-combinable options with any outfit.

Think on it as another accessory.

What do we mean by this? Remember that it will be an element that will add weight to your outfits. Then, try not to use many accessories besides your hat. Remember the balance! If you don´t wear earrings, use a necklace. And if you wear a necklace, the best thing would be to wear very small earrings. Add some modern frame sunglasses and you’ll be ready.

Loose hair or pony tail?

This is a question that always appear and the answer is simpler than you imagine. Use your hat as you prefer. However something similar to the previous point happens here! You must balance. If you wear loose hair try to use discreet jewelry so that your appearance doesn´t get saturated. And for example, if you decide to hold your hair you can wear more colorful earrings.

Finally, dare to wear hats on any occasion. Indoors, at night, any occasion is a good occasion. Dare yourself! Did you like these tips to wear hats this fall? Then go for your favorite hat to our Official Stores!