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4 ways of wearing a leather jacket

Having a black Leather jacket is simply a fashion basic. Besides bringing a lot of style, they’re incredibly versatile and can be combined with pretty much anything. Add a leather jacket to any outfit and you’ll see how it amps them up and gives it a sensual and feminine air that we all adore.

On today’s blog we will show you a few options for wearing your leather jacket and looking awesome all the time.

Flower dress

Flower dresses are definitely not exclusive spring and summer garments. We can also wear them during the cold months, of course with our leather jacket and a pair of long boots. As for your purse you can pick a black crossbody for being super comfortable all day long.

Outfit 1 y T18BIGS

Jeans y sweater

This look is super casual and comfy, ideal for a day in the office, university and doing all that stuff you need to day during your day. Wear your favorite pair of jeans with a button up shirt and a light cardigan, throw on your leather jacket. To complete this outfit add a backpack and perhaps a scarf to avoid getting cold.

Outfit 2 y 3F38RS (negro)


If you want an avant-garde and feminine look, this is the answer. Combine this palazzo pants with a slightly thick sweater, leather jacket and a pair of booties. You can wear a handbag and if your hair is long, tie it in a bun to give some air to your upper half.

Outfit 3 y 4A02MA (negro)

Bootcut jeans

One of our favorite styles. If you still don’t have this kind of jeans go get them now, they are similar to the palazzo style but a bit longer and in denim. They have a very western vibe that looks fantastic, wear them with a button up shirt in your favorite color, tuck it in and add your leather jacket. Combine it with a pair of brown booties and look amazing.

Outfit 4 y T16TVGS