How to dress for your Christmas dinner pt. 2 – Cuadra México
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How to dress for your Christmas dinner pt. 2

In our previous blog post we gave a few tips for ladies on how to dress for a Christmas dinner. Today is gentlemen’s turn, we want them to look elegant and full of style along with Cuadra.

On today’s blog we will give you a few tips of different looks and styles of Christmas attires that you’ll be able to wear this magical season.

Christmas sweater and jeans

This one is a very casual, fun and eye catching look. Get into the Christmas spirit wearing a Christmas embroidered sweater with a pair of jeans and for adding that special touch that only Cuadra can do put on a pair of urban boots. You’ll see how comfortable and cozy you’ll feel.

Outfit 1 y B61BVBV (oxford)

Coat and sneakers

For this comfortable and avant-garde look you’ll need a pair of dark colored pants, a light colored shirt, a light cardigan and a thicker coat (this one can be short or long). Pick a pair of casual sneakers to add a juvenile touch.

Outfit 2 y C32SKCH

Blazer and dress boots

This outfit could be more sophisticated and semi-formal than the others. You can wear dark jeans or dress pants. Just as the previous look you can wear a button up shirt and a light cardigan underneath your blazer. Add a pair of dress boots and accessories like mittens and scarf.

Outfit 3 y 349BVBV

Pick one of these three styles for the holidays and you’ll see how you’ll be the center of attention due to your great style. Go visit one of our stores to check out everything we have for you.