A very Western spring – Cuadra México
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western boots

During this upcoming season, Spring-Summer 2020, we’ll see a very established trend that perfectly reflects the essence of Cuadra: Western. We give a little twist to this trend adding touches and details that belong more to the contemporary fashion style in order to create the Western Chic trend.

Therefore, the combination of boots, jeans and hat becomes much more versatile letting us add other types fabrics, materials and cuts in your garments, you can get a little creative with your trousers for example, incorporating different prints and colors.

Add a little modernity with a leather jacket that has less traditional elements and more urban accents. The simpler your jacket is, the more details you’ll be able to incorporate in the rest of your garments or your boots.

As for your accessories you can wear some traditional ones, but to stick a bit more to the Western Chic style you can wear casual accessories, that have a few details and finishes that bring some attention but aren’t’ too much flashy, This way your boots will be the protagonists of your outfit.

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