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Belts, protagonists of 2019

Several important fashion figures have stated that belts will be key this year and will be as important as shoes and purses in an outfit.

We have to keep in mind that belts have multiple functions, not only holding a pair of jeans, they help us to style our body or complement an outfit.

Today we want to give you a few advices on how to wear them with different types of clothing and adapt them to your own style.


Long or short flowered dresses have been evolving ever since they came into the picture a few years ago. Currently we can find a wide variety of them: long sleeved, sleeveless, for spring time, winter time, etc. Either way, we love them with a nice belt to shape them up and make them look super original. You can pick a dark colored dress with discrete prints, add a belt in an earth color and match it up with a purse in the same tone, and you’re ready to go.


This look is ideal to wear it in a cloudy or chilly day. Start your look with a pair of dark jeans or leggings, a plain basic shirt and throw on a poncho in contrasting colors, fit it with a neutral colored belt. It’s not necessary that you add too eye-catching accessories, the poncho will do that job.

Long or midi skirts

Boho Chic style was impressively trendy last year, and it will continue being this 2019. Wear a long or midi skirt, a basic t-shirt and a pair of booties. Incorporate a belt with the same boho style and floral embroidered to give it a fresher and brighter touch, tuck in your t-shirt to show off the belt. Feel free to add more accessories that follow the same line like hats or small purses.

Remember that belts are accessories with great versatility and it’s essential to have a few of them in our wardrobe.