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Boots with laces

Every woman loves to dress differently each day, try new styles and show the most original clothes and accessories. One of our favorite designs for this season are long boots; and since in Cuadra we put on all of our effort and creativity in every detail to make our products unique and original pieces, these boots aren’t the exception, we added laces in the back to style it and add a plus.

On today’s blog we will show a few outfits to combine with your long boots with laces.

Jeans + sweater

For this outfit it is essential that you wear skinny jeans, if they aren’t skinny your boots will not look that good. That’s why you should invest in a pair of nice jeans that are able to keep their shape and tightness for longer despite the time. Add a sweater and accessories like a belt, handbag, small jewelry and of course your long boots. Tip: Half tuck your sweater into your pants to add much more style to your outfit.

Skirt + turtle neck

Plaid skirts are still trendy! Even in winter. One of our favorite options ever is the combination with a turtle neck blouse, you’ll see how elegant and sophisticated you’ll look and you will keep yourself warm all day long. You can also do the same combination with a woven sweater which can be tucked in to enhance your body shape.

Dress + tights

This look is mesmerizing because we mix autumn colors and elements with winter accessories. To rock this combination pick a dress (preferably flower printed) in terracotta, orange, red or yellow and a pair of thin black tights that match your long black boots. Your accessories can be golden and you can add hats and maxi bags.

Look great with all the Cuadra style and do your best combinations with your favorite boots.