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looks that will make you look taller

Although not all of us have been blessed with a super model height it doesn´t mean that we conform and suffer from being of average height. Rather, it is an opportunity to engineer them and adopt certain visual tricks and some strategic tips to simulate the desired height. Keep reading to know the looks that will make you look taller. You will see that these are super simple tips to implement!

Adapt vertical lines.

This is an almost magical element. If you implement it in one of your garments the lengthening effect will be almost immediate. Thanks to the fact that we visually draw the lines from top to bottom, the optical illusion creates a longer silhouette. Also, mark your waist with a thin belt. Small accessories in the right place will also do a lot for your height.

Heels and capri pants.

Shorts with shoes that have a heel are a winning combination. When you see a part of your ankles intentionally, and add height with a pair of high-heeled booties your legs will look very long. Do not miss the opportunity to enhance your figure with details so easily applicable.

Prefer medium or small bags.

When you go to buy a bag, if you are small you should prefer to use small or medium bags acording to your body. We know that you love big bags! But if your goal is to visually add a little more height, leave them exclusively for very specific situations. A small or medium bag will not make you look overloaded and you will achieve a more consistent outfit.

There are no excuses to suffer! Recreate with your own dress these looks that will make you look taller. Remember to visit our ONLINE SHOP. Find those fabulous booties that will add even more height to your outfit.