Colors of the season – Cuadra México
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Colors of the season

We love Spring-Summer season, it has so many intense and bright colors. And in Cuadra is no exception, we bring colors that match perfectly with the season like plants, flowers, the sky and many other natural elements.

On today’s blog you’ll be able to find a few of our favorite pieces in colors that will stand out in your wardrrobe.

This color inspires freshness and tranquility. Bring a spring touch to your outfit with elements in white, plus you can match it with any color you can think of, all of them will look awesome paired up.

Just as white, blue brings so much calm and tranquility. It’s a highly elegant color that brings all the attention anywhere you go. It is ideal to pair up with soft tones like beige or white or dark colors like black or other shades of blue.

This color has been present in Cuadra’s collections for a while now, and the reason in that we are totally in llove with the warmth and intensity that we find in it. It can also be a great ally to wear with other colors just as intense like green, pink, red. Add a few pieces in this color to your collection and you’ll see you won’t be able to stop wearing it.

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