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Cuadra’s 2021 wish list

Today’s the last day of 2020, it has been a complicated year for everyone, but we shouldn’t lose hope to get better from tomorrow on. Certainly, there are a bunch of things we really can’t change, but there are so many others aspects that we can learn from and be better people.

A well know new year’s tradition is wishing on 12 ringing bells while eating grapes. 12 grapes sometimes are a little too much, so if you run out of ideas, we will give you 4 options to help you complete your 2021 wish list.

We’re all looking forward for 2021 wellbeing for us and the people around us. We wish that this upcoming year you have protection in every way and that you finish up the year with happiness, health and company.

During this year that’s coming to an end we have been stuck in some points of our lives, for 2021 we want us all to move on and take long, secure steps. Let’s build a great year together full with opportunities and new experiences.

After a year of uncertainty, we all need a break and get back a little tranquility and stability. Part of this stability can be reached supporting local brands and little by little get back to normal.

Of course, fun can’t be left out. After a year of not knowing or visiting foreign places, we can’t wait to travel safe and without worries. We wish that this upcoming year things get stabilized enough to keep enjoying one of the things we know you love the most.

We wish you a great 2021, may all your wishes come true.

Happy New Year!