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Different personalities. Boots for everyone!

In the past we used to have some clichés in our closet but this is not happening anymore. We live in a period when the trends find themselves all the time, that’s why it’s so hard to identify the style of the person sitting next to you. We can see now the good part of this situation, because we don´t have to define our personality, and actually, this is the interesting thing about the fashion industry.

You can have fun with your style with no regrets, just check this examples:

The rocker look is very versatile, and it’s not a secret that almost all rock stars are big fans of the Western style. Yes, you can match your ripped jeans and a loose shirt with a pair of boots. Choose between some urban booties or your favorite western boots, it’s possible!
You decide how formal your outfit is going to be, and you don´t need shoes to create the perfect look. The booties are the new way of styling your outfit for those important appointments, they will give you a touch of modernity if you match them with some fancy pants, a shirt and the perfect blazer.
If you need to stay comfortable and looking good without any effort, pick a shirt and put it under your favorite leather jacket. By the way, you can pick different textures and colors for your shoes and jacket in the same outfit, just make sure they look esthetic.
Always remember, the original western style will live forever as the years go by, but you can change it a little bit if you want to. Don´t be afraid and try new looks with your favorite boots… You know what they say, reinvent yourself or die.

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