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Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking

If you're wearing a dress, add a surprise factor with the fringe trend. It's a very fashionable classic!

The fashion world is very predictable sometimes, even more when we go from one season to another. When it’s winter we wear lots of layers and darker colors, but when it’s spring we like to get floral patterns… Groundbreaking, right? NOT. Because we all have the right to experience with our style and the season doesn´t really matter, you can make the difference! But how? Just read this simple list and you will know the little things you need to do, so you can innovate without looking crazy-for-winter when you’re in spring:

.Mix the spring clothes in your closet with some neutral booties, for example: A yellow dress and brown shoes.

.Use some high booties with super short shorts. Yes, you can have those Gisele Bündchen’s hot legs. .Wear a darker lipstick in spring without ‘the fear of looking weird’. Just make sure you have a white dress on, cause ‘all black’ is not a very seasonable outfit when the weather is really hot. You will create a big contrast and your skin will glow amazingly.
We just wanna remind you; there’s no rules in fashion, and if they existed in the past, they’re not here anymore. Be different and don´t follow every single trend you see on the web, respect your instinct cause that’s the most important part when we talk about style.

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