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Get the look of ... Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is one of the trendiest celebrities, born in New York and known for her influence in high society of New York. It debuted thanks to celebrity photographer Patrick McMullan, who photographed him at various events in the city, where she attracted attention for his style. She has a fashion, trends and advice blog linked to his social networks where she is followed by more than 4 million people. She has become the benchmark of Street style so that’s why today our goal will be to get his look.

This time you will only need 5 pieces of which we are sure already have some in your closet, and if not, you will have to get right now.

Leather dress

Choose a leather dress that you can wear all seasons, preferably in black so it can be combined with a shirt underneath as Olivia proposes.


We all have a white shirt in our wardrobe and if not surely a shirt that can also be used to get this look. The advantage of these outfits is that you can vary the design and color of the shirt and give a different touch on each occasion.

Ankle boots

The shoes can define a look; in this case the booties are the complement that stands out most. Look for some booties with high heel and at the same time make you feel comfortable.


Choose an exotic leather bag with natural texture that shines your style. The size should vary depending on the time of day you wear it, a large bag for morning and afternoon, while for the night use a very small bag to carry only the essential things.


They are the article of the summer, but we use throughout the year. If your face is very small, do not use very large ones, while if you have a long face they will benefit.

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