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How to buy your ideal bag

Choosing the bag that works best for you, will depend on many factors. From your daily routine, the predominant color in your wardrobe or even your height. Today we will give you tips that you should take into account if you want to know how to buy your ideal bag. Decide wisely and make the best investment in your wardrobe.


This factor depends completely on your daily routine. For example, whether the bag you buy will be used occasionally or if you want it to become your daily bag. Consider these aspects objectively before buying a designer bag. If your bag will be an accessory that you use only occasionally, the size may vary. However, if you want to use it more often, try to adapt the size to your needs. If you work a lot, you probably need a tote bag to save everything. If your routine is more moderate, a crossbody bag will be the perfect size for you to carry on your shoulder.


Another important factor when purchasing a new bag. Always choose the one that best suits the colors you usually use in your outfits. For example, if you usually use earth tones, clear or warm, we suggest you opt for a bag in brown or honey tones. If, on the other hand, you prefer to use dark and a little colder tones, a burgundy bag will be very useful to give life to your outfits.


An important factor that applies to both, you and your bag. If your figure is small, we suggest you use medium-sized handbags or even try to carry clutches if your routine allows it. If you are taller you can use tote bags without problems.

Consider these factors at the time of your next purchase and you will see that your investment will be worthy. Did you have doubts about how to buy your ideal bag? Write us in the comments and remember that our bags are available in our ONLINE SHOP.