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How to choose the perfect gift for dad

Still don´t know what to give dad? The date is coming! If your dad is a fan of our brand, here we help you. We know that giving you something can be a difficult task, that’s why we have prepared this guide so you know how to choose the perfect gift for dad. This year do not give away socks or tools for the car. It’s your turn to surprise him with something really special, according to his personality.

Bussiness dad

If your dad works in an executive environment, you have enough options to give him away. Especially we would recommend giving you a luxury wallet or card. Imagine the satisfaction of your dad knowing that every person who takes their cards at these business meetings will see the exclusivity of his accesory. Another option is to give her a pair of formal shoes in a neutral color. You will surprise him!

Active dad

If your dad is a multitask man, who is busy daily with multiple activities, surely a messenger bag would do him good. In it he could carry everything he needs throughout the day. In addition, such an accessory can be combined with comfortable shoes but with a lot of style. When you have a dad like that, practicality is paramount, but that’s not reason why he should lose the style.

Traditional dad

If you know your dad’s style well, you can venture a little and give him a shirt. It is something that every man needs and that will always represent a good detail. The shirt only works well if you know the style he likes! If not, you can deal with a belt. A belt is practical, and quite versatile, just choose one in a neutral color so you can combine it with more things.

If your dad likes our brand, we assure you that with this guide you will not fail! Now you know how to choose the perfect gift for dad. Just ask for it in our ONLINE STORE remember that we have 3 and 6 months without interest and also, in purchases over 3000 mxn you will get a special gift from the brand.