How to dress for September 15th with CUADRA – Cuadra México
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How to dress for September 15th with CUADRA

The national month has arrived for Mexico, and surely you’ll already be thinking about this celebration. We will tell you in here how to dress for September 15th with CUADRA. It´s a day in which we want to exalt our Mexican origin and that we like to wear clothes that go according to the special date we celebrate, however here we want to show you how to dress “mexican chic” and not die trying.


Fortunately embroidery is still trend. You just have to choose which garment to use. Do not you think of dressing up in a blouse, a pair of pants and an embroidered jacket, because it would be too much! Choose only one garment and wear it with neutral clothing or shoes. Simple and elegant booties would be luxurious!


Using this super Mexican element in the accessories can make your September 15th prettier. Since it will allow you to dress in a casual way and the traditional elements will take personality in small details without sacrificing your outfit. You can implement this type of embroidery even in the footwear and the result you will love!


An alternative, if you like the bohemian style is to mix it with Mexican elements, such as prints, typical rebozo fabrics, or even jewelry. The point is that it does not look like you’re disguised as Adelita, but you can show off these ethnic details in a way that is fashionable. Wear boots to give it a street-style feel.


Finally, sometimes focus on the hairstyle and the jewelry will be the best solution to live without complications the celebration. Think of the iconic Frida and go for a braided hairstyle in your hair. September 15th is the perfect excuse to wear something you do not always wear!

How do you celebrate this date? Get the shoes that match your outfit in our official stores or our online store and celebrate the mexican style.