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How to take care of the genuine shark leather

All the exotic leathers of our products are genuine, fine and therefore, no leather can be treated in the same way as another. Its maintenance is very specific. Today we will present the care and maintenance instructions for genuine shark leather. You must know that you have taken home an artisanal product that requires special attention. Pay attention to the following tips so you know how to take care of the genuine shark leather.

If you have an article of shark leather, you´ve taken home one of the most flexible and durable products. However, the extraordinary textures of this leather must be treated with great care. The finish of this leather is matte and with a very natural view, therefore you should avoid that your product is soaked by liquids, as they can permanently stain the shark leather.

To clean and remove dust or dirt, use a damp cotton cloth (never wet!) And clean very well to get rid of all the dirt that may have accumulated. Remember that much of the success of the treatment you will apply, will depend on you thoroughly cleaning your model. Allow to dry for approximately 10 minutes and then apply the product for leather care.

Once your product is clean, you must apply NEUTRAL REPELLENT. This product can be found in all our Cuadra Official stores. Find your nearest official store by clicking here. The purpose of applying this product is precisely to protect your footwear from dust, mud or liquids that could damage it. That is why it is very important that you have the right repellent.

Very easy, right? Now you know how to take care of the genuine shark leather. Enjoy its texture made to satisfy the most demanding exotic leather fans. Get your favorite pair in our online store.

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