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How to take care of the lizard leather

All the exotic leathers in our products are genuine, fine and super different from each other! Therefore, no leather can be treated in the same way as another. Its maintenance is very specific. You should also know that you have bought a fine product that requires special maintenance. Pay attention to the following tips so you know how to take care of the lizard leather in your products CUADRA.

1. First of all, remember that you took an artisanal product, and therefore you should use it with moderation and with special care. Don´t expose this type of leather for a long time to extreme situations or climates (such as exposing it daily to sunlight), as it can become discolored and lose its natural shine.

2. To clean and remove dust or dirt, use a damp cloth (never wet!) And clean to get rid of any dirt that may have been accumulated in your model. Remember that the success of the treatment you will apply will depend on the cleaning of your model. Let dry to apply the product for leather care.

3. Pay attention here. Cause what you apply to your product will depend on the finish of the leather. So we have two options here:

Lizard leather with lustral finish: You will recognize it easily by being bright. It should be given a maintenance with restorative cream, to nourish the leather and give it an aesthetic effect, with natural shine. The color of the cream depends entirely on the color of the product. For example black, coffee, neutral for light colors, etc. Apply the product evenly with a brush. Allow to dry for 2-3 minutes and then polish with a flannel to give more shine.

Lizard leather with matte finish: You will recognize it by its soft appearance. In this case, the process is the same, but you skip the polish. You musn´t polish because your product could lose its matte finish.

Very easy, right? Now you know how to take care of the lizard leather. This leather gives us the perfect example of harmony, luxury and detail. Now look for your favorite model in our online store.

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