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Take care of your python leather

You finally bought that genuine python leather product that you always wanted! You worth it, and that is why you acquired an authentic leather product and not an imitation; but you must know that it takes care, because you have bought an artisanal hand-made product that requires special attention. Check this tips in order to that bag, those boots or that belt, last in perfect condition for a long time:

First of all, remember that you bought a fine product, therefore you should use it with moderation and special care. Do not expose this type of leather to extreme situations or climates, because it could lose its natural shine and color.

In order to clean and remove dust or dirt, wipe it with a damp cotton cloth (never too wet!) and clean it in the direction of the scales.

Finally, in this step you must pay attention because you have three options:

For brilliant python leather: use natural cream to moisturize and not lose the natural shine of this leather. Take a small amount and apply a thin layer over the leather. Let it dry for a few minutes and finally polish with a dry cloth, always in the direction of the scales!

For nobuck python leather: This type of leather is matte and soft. You need to use colorless repellent. Apply it at a considerable distance from your shoes and try to cover them with a thin layer. Let it dry for a few minutes and finally comb softly in the direction of the scales.

For natural python leather: This type of leather is clear. It is the leather in its most natural state and you should try not to expose it to direct light. In this case you should not apply any substance since you can affect and the natural color of the leather.

Prettyeasy, right? Python leather is one of the favorites of our fans of exotic leather. And its texture, its softness and the spectacular natural patterns that it gives us, together are the perfect example of harmony, luxury and detail.