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How to take care of your rabbit fur coat

The fur coats have always been garments that are highly sophisticated, luxurious and synonymous with great taste. Currently, rabbit fur has become popular for its fine appearance, which can be transformed into a garment of almost any color and which is perfect for the winter season. But once the cold ends, how should we keep our coat? Probably the answer will surprise you. Learn how to take care of your rabbit fur coat so you can always keep it in perfect condition.

Never use plastic bags to store them!

This is one of the most important details to mention. Never! You should never use plastic bags to store your rabbit fur coat. This type of material needs constant air circulation to prevent cracking or fur lose. You should also keep it in a place where there is enough space so it doesn´t squeeze between other garments, so it will stay fresh and will not deform it. If you want to protect it from dust, it is best if you prefer to use a soft and organic cloth bag to store it.

Keep it cool!

The best place to store a rabbit fur coat is in a place where it is not directly exposed to the sun and as cool as possible. Sunlight, heat and excessive humidity are the worst enemies of rabbit fur. The optimum temperature at which it should be is 7.2 degrees Celsius with 50% humidity in the environment, which is why some people choose to store their coats in specialized places in refrigeration of fur coats.

Other details…

Choose the right hanger, which is big enough and fits well on the shoulders of your jacket. Remember never to apply perfume directly on the fur, as it can be permanently damaged.

Were these tips useful on how to take care of your rabbit fur coat? Keep it always beautiful.