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How to wear dresses with boots

It seems easy and simple to combine a pair of boots with a dress. But sometimes happens that it doesn´t matter how cute its our dress and how fabulous are our boots… It simply doesn´t fit! The secret formula for combining dresses with boots is related to the length of the dress you want to wear. Pay attention to the following tips to learn the correct way to combine dresses with boots.

Midi dress

If you wear a midi dress, the boots you wear should always be very delicate and without many decoration. Since, otherwise, the look will be a little heavy. If the long boots don´t convince you at all, change them. Instead, a booties can work. Those who arrive just where your dress ends. It is important to add, that this is a look fits especially to very tall girls, whose legs are longer in proportion to the rest of their body.

A-line dress

For this type of dressing it´s advisable to wear boots that reach below the knee and allow to see a little skin, in order to achieve look visually higher. This type of combination suits all body types, but is especially flattering for girls plus size. Since these dresses usually mark the waist and the A-line of the dress will disguise any detail that we don´t want to show.


We love mini-dresses! And we love even more that they can be combined with almost any type of high boot. Now, the height of the boot it´s your choice. To show fabulous boots above the knee, check the article that we have prepared for you. Also if you wear knee boots, remember to add socks so you do not show too much skin in the cold weather.

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