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How to wear red this Christmas

If you are one of those girls who love Christmas, surely you have already prepared several options to wear at the Christmas Eve dinner. And surely you were thinking of dressing in red! However, surely you think that dressing in this color would fall into the cliché. What a fashionist girl wants the least is to be confused with one of the ornaments of that night. That’s why today we bring you ideas on how to wear red this Christmas and look super chic.


This has been a strong trend these past two winters and it seems that it will not go anywhere. So, if you want to use a completely red dress, opt for one of this material. So that the texture is different and gives you some dimensions. Besides that it will compensate the fact of wearing a dress when using it with this “warm” material. Dare and wear it with nice high boots.


If you’re not so convinced about wearing a red dress completely, try a midi skirt and matching booties. You will see that everything will be balanced with a neutral color sweater. In addition, we tell you a secret: many people do not dare to wear midi skirts for fear of looking very small. But if you wear shoes of the same color you will look visually higher.


Squared shirts are an element that is becoming extremely fashionable! Do not miss this opportunity, to wear a blouse or skirt on this fabric, with the right accessories and some super refined boots you’ll be ready to show off in that important dinner.

These are just some ideas on how to wear red this Christmas and look super chic. Can you think of others? Do not forget to find the booties that we mentioned in our online store