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messenger bags

Messenger bags are a very used complement by men as for women. The greatest perk of this type of bag is its comfort and size, it is not too big or too small, making it super easy to fit all the necessary stuff of your day.

On today’s blog we will show you a few types of messenger bags that you’ll be able to use in different situations and with different styles of clothing, making your outfit outstand a be comfortable all day long.


These types of Messenger bags can be worn with urban or not too formal looks. They have details that perfectly match booties or sneakers and jeans. Its space is ideal to carry multiple elements along your day. Wear it for casual hangouts with friends and family, long walks or even for trips and keep everything handy.


If you to take a break from your suitcase at your job this could be the perfect option. It is sophisticated, minimalist and with very elegant details. Its size is not too flashy, it’s flatter making it lighter and more discrete. The combination with exotic leather adds up elegance and exclusiveness. Wear your messenger bag with dark jeans or dress pants, button up shirt and dress shoes or boots.

For women

It is true that Messenger bags are more worn by men than women due to the wide quantity of types of ladies purses that exist. Either way we know that messenger bag’s comfort women are crushing on them too. Of course in Cuadra we’ve managed to add all those touches of color, glow and details that are essential for women accessories. Wear your messenger bag with shorts, short dresses or jeans for casual hangouts with friends and family. You’ll see how you will feel light, free and still carry everything you will need along your day.

Look comfortable and with all the wild style with Cuadra.