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Cowboy boots outfit

For a while now we have thought that western boots are cowboys’ exclusive footwear and they must always be worn with jeans, plaid shirt and hat. This stereotype has been fed with movies and TV shows in which the characters that dress like this live in a ranch and ride horses all day. Of course there is a lot of people who are relatable with this lifestyle. Nevertheless, western style can be adapted to any style.

On today’s blog we give you three more options to wear your western boots and not fall into the stereotype, wearing different kinds of clothes and the best perk: you can combine them with an accessory from Cuadra.

Long dress

Printed long dresses, as said before in previous blogs, are pretty versatile and we can wear them in every season of the year with all kinds of shoes. Boots aren’t the exception, wear it with your western boots and add accessories like a belt to enhance your silhouette and a purse. We suggest that these accessories are in the same or similar color that your boots, because if your dress has a print and you incorporate a lot of colors there will be too many focal points.

Short dress

Short dresses worn with boots are ideal for spring, you can also incorporate outwears like vests, sweaters, jackets or blazers; it all depends on the weather where you are. In this case mixing styles and prints is not wrong, it will give you a relaxed and casual look.


When we wear jeans and boots it doesn’t always mean that we will use the cowboy style. It depends a lot with which clothes and accessories we wear them. For a country look we chose a loose blouse in a light color, ripped jeans and small accessories. You can add touches of lace, discrete prints and woven items.

Now you have three more options to wear your western style boots. Remember that fashion is mostly about reinventing, trying new things and styles until you find the one.