Sneak Peek Spring-Summer 2021 – Cuadra México
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Sneak Peek Spring-Summer 2021

We’re so close to finally showing you the newest collection Spring-Summer 2021. We know you are just as eager to take a look to the new products, and we rally don’t want to keep you waiting.

On today’s blog we will give you a sneak peek of the details you’ll see in this incredible collection.

Natural textures

The color palette of this new collection will be key to let you fully appreciate the genuine leather in its most pure state. The finishes we used will help to highlight natural marks and reliefs that characterize the leathers.

Geometric perforations

Several pieces that conform this collection will have laser perforations; you’ll notice that some of the follow a geometric pattern. This combined with other techniques like laser engraving or handwoven, will add a unique touch to your products.

Cuadra monogram

Our exclusive Cuadra monogram will be super present this season. You’ll be able to see it in different colors, textures and some of them will include extra applications that without a question will make your products stand out.


Of course, we can’t let behind the artisan essence of Cuadra, that’s why we’ve included techniques that put the handmade name on top. With different kinds of woven and interwoven you’ll own products with highly cared details.

Don’t mis out on the chance of owning one of these special pieces, visit one of our official stores in Las Vegas or check us out on Amazon to find your favorites!