Spring – Summer trends 2019 – Cuadra México
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2019 trends

The first months of the year are ideal for renewals, including our wardrobe. Leave all the stuff we don’t need nor want behind and start incorporating new clothes, shoes and accessories. But we just can’t only “refill” our closet, we must pick strategically what we will add.

Today we give you tips for three products that will for sure be your best friends the whole year, since they are inspired on Spring-Summer ’19 trends and will perfectly complete your look.


It is such a feminine and sort of mysterious finish that in the past few years has been very present in women’s clothes and accessories. A delicate and fine lace fully transforms any piece of clothing into something elegant and sophisticated. The appliqués on this vest turn make it unique to complement your spring outfits. Besides, it is not too warm so it can be easily worn during the mornings or night when the temperature gets a little lower.


Hand-crafted touches will arrive stronger than ever. Fashion pieces with woven and interwoven details have become high-end. For these booties’ confection we used the interwoven technique, totally hand-made and finely decorated with metallic appliqués. It is an absolutely eye-catching design that you can use casually every day and you will be very ad hoc to this year’s trends.

Washed denim look

This trend will be much seen not only in clothes and accessories, but shoes as well. In Cuadra we want to give add them an artistic touch with the hand-painted finish and floral embroidery. They are just the right option for spring.

These were only a few options of all the 2019 coming trends that you can adopt. Remember that we always invite you to try new things and incorporate them to your very own style.