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The Networking Dress code


Dress for success

Choose a sober look

When Netwoking, every meeting counts. They happen in random places far from the conventionalism of an office, you’ll have the chance to talk to high executives in a relaxed spot, from an after-office bar to the opening of an exhibition. Networking is one of the best shots you’ll get to make connections with those contacts that can help you launch your career outside the office. This is not a formal interview and outside the corporate life, it’s in your hands to leave an excellent impression, this includes from deciding the style of the outfit that you prefer to use and therefore the image you wish to project to the world. There’s no reason to worry about an opportunity like this, your only responsibility will be to look confident and prepared for business, that’s why we give you these 3 tips to master the Networking like a real rockstar. One of the best ways to stand out in a time like this is to look confident. Smile, that way you can feel comfortable if you’re familiarized with the participants. Maybe you can do some research on Google or Linkedin before getting to the meeting, this way it’ll be easier for you to find an ice-breaker topic. Everyday is an opportunity to dress for success. If you’re not very sure if the rest of the attendants will be wearing a suit, you can choose a relaxed-business outfit. This is an excellent chance to get out of the box for a while and add on some clothes with a fashionable style. Feel free to wear classic colors, a leather jacket and formal shoes that can help you create a look that makes you feel relaxed and harmonizes with your surroundings. Combine it with a pair of dark color jeans, a jersey and a messenger bag where you can fit your iPad, cell phone and business cards for showing the world all of your professional skills. Whatever is your networking environment, you can find a proper outfit for getting the look in our Online Store.