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Summer trend color

Yes we know! The awaited summer has not arrived yet. However, we want to you prevent yourself and during these spring months you take advantage of the trends much earlier than everybody. Today we will talk about a color that has been monopolizing showcases and fashion pages. It´s the summer trend color: yellow. Not in vane a yellow dress was the most searched trend in Google in recent months! We will tell you how to combine it, what kind of tone is best for you. Even inspiration tips to use it with clothes you already have! Keep reading to learn more.

Yellow + denim + blue footwear

Yellow and blue are colors that are in opposite halves of the chromatic circle. A warm color and a cold one living together in an outfit may seem like a risky bet, but it does not have to be! The precise shades of blue and yellow will make your outfit look thoughtful and in a few words, like a work of art!

Yellow + black and white + sport shoes

When you think you’re lost about combining some color, black and white will save you! They are neutral colors that will always help you out of trouble. Also, with yellow the combination is excellent. This shade of yellow, a little brighter, is especially good if you are interested in maintaining the luminosity and in general clarifying your whole appearance.

Total yellow + fresh footwear

The yellow dresses will be a must-have during the hot season. Immediately they will give you a beach look. Even if you stay in the city! Choose the style you like best and combine it with fresh and very feminine footwear to stand out from the crowd. This tone of yellow, very similar to the color of mustard will do well if you want to add warmth to your image.

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