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Urban boots for winter

A few months ago we posted a blog giving you a few tips on how to wear your urban boots during the warm season, now we bring to you the winter version. During the past few seasons the trend and fever of urban boots has increased.

On today’s blog we will tell you a few tips on how to wear and combine your urban boots during winter.

Dress and tights

You can pick a short dress, skirt or dress shorts with a pair of black tights, which can have prints or applications that will contrast with the very established style of the urban boots.


We assure any other outfit would ever be as comfortable and stylish as this one. It perfectly plays along with street style. To amp up the urban style you can wear synthetic leather leggings, leather jacket and a basic shirt underneath. Go for simple and small with your accessories, add a crossbody bag or a small backpack.

Midi dress

One of our favorite styles, combine your midi dress or skirt with your urban booties and a basic shirt, or if the weather requires it a woven sweater. Extra points for you if your skirt has animal or floral print. Add accessories like a belt, a crossbody bag or a clutch.

Rock those urban boots and look amazing as ever with Cuadra.