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Wardrobe’s basics for men

A good wardrobe is full of the most iconic clothes of the season, but also by a whole lot of basics that will help you create an elegant and sharp style.

Frequently, the basics may go unnoticed and not get the recognition they deserve, because we don’t tend to appreciate the quality in the making of a t-shirt, the flexibility of a black pair of trousers, a black blazer that fits perfectly or a pair of sunglasses that match with your style.

What makes basics so important? They’re the items that fill our wardrobe, the ones you use every day and that mixed with another item like a vintage jacket or a pair of classic boots gathers your style and will make it easier to choose what to wear every morning.

Hundreds of styles have at least a pair of basic items for creating a perfect and classic outfit. We show you some that can help you avoid the issue of not having anything to wear.

A navy blue blazer

Navy is one of the most flexible and mixable you can find in your wardrobe, because they can go perfectly with navy dress pants or a pair of jeans.

Crew-Neck Sweater

Light knitwear is the most appropriate for this season. A grey or blue navy sweater will allow you to create a style that you can combine with different items.

Slim-Fit jeans

Classic and easy to combine, they’re one of the most important pieces of your wardrobe that won’t ever get out of style, besides they can match with almost any outfit that you plan to wear.


Elegant without being too formal, this boots match with everything, from jeans to suits, depending on the way you want to combine them and standing out for its comfort. A pair in sand or tobacco color will add up to your wardrobe.

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