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how to get married wearing your Cuadra boots

It’s May, the month of weddings! And this article it´s ready thanks to photos that our dear fans have sent us. Today we focus on a very particular wedding style: that of Mexican inspiration. If you are a bride who wants an original style, do it with great luxury, pay attention to the different details. If you already decided to have a Mexican-inspired wedding and do not know where to start continue reading. We will tell you how to get married wearing your Cuadra boots.

The bridesmaids

What is a wedding without your best friends? When you tell to your bridesmaids, make sure to make clear the theme that you are looking for at your wedding. It is not about being a shooter, it simply confirms that whoever accompanies you to the altar agrees with the style you want for your wedding. So all the bridesmaids and you will wear boots, since surely you came here because you want to know how to get married wearing your Cuadra boots.

The boots and the dress

These elements are perhaps the most worrying to a future bride. In this style of wedding, the important thing is originality without losing elegance. There is nothing written about style. Always choose a dress that you know will be comfortable throughout the event. By adding the boots you will create a super special contrast that will make you bride more original. Choose long boots if your dress is wide and traditional. Or some ankle booties if your dress is light and very romantic.

The groom

Your future husband may or may not feel comfortable with the subject you has chosen. But don´t worry! What you can do is find the balance between the two styles. Fortunately, in our ONLINE STORE you can find many styles of boots and ankle booties that you can combine. If you want a more elegant wedding, you can wear thin silhouette boots to stay true to your style. On the other hand, if both want a traditional wedding, you both wear traditional boots!

The best wedding is that which represents yourself in every way. Thank you for letting us share with your best moments! We hope these tips are helpful to start or finish the preparation of the happiest day of your life.