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Woven purses

One of the most noticeable and claimed features of Cuadra is its artisan process and its special attention to every single detail. That’s why we put a lot of effort on creating and looking for the best finishes and bring you the most avant-garde trends always faithful to the authentic Mexican style. Being said this, there’s no better example than the woven finish, which can be found in purses, boots, clothing, etc.

On today’s blog we will shoe you some of our favorite designs of woven purses.


One of our favorite types of purses, not only because of its woven and perforated details, but because of its wide space. A purse that you’ll be able to carry everywhere comfortably with so many outfits due to its versatile style. Combine it with booties in colors like sand or beige or even bright colors like red, orange or gold.


We’ve talked about crossbody bags so much that we are 100% sure we’ve already convinced you that they are the best kind of purses ever. The interwoven details of this bag accompanied with the genuine python leather appliqué makes a very eye-catching and exclusive design out of it. You can wear it with any kind of outfit, from casual to semi-formal and still look great.


The ideal kind of purse to carry the essentials and look amazing. Its very particular shape is without a doubt super feminine. Wear it with a pair of sneakers to give it a casual look, you can also put on dresses, skirts or trousers in soft clear colors.

Now that you know how incredible artisan purses are go visit one of our official stores and look for your favorite woven design.