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Boots and Skirts: Your transition combo

We are just leaving behind the winter season and moving forward into spring weather. What are you going to do with all those pairs of closed toe shoes that are still in your wardrobe? Above all, what do you plan to do with your boots? You can’t just leave them hanging there until next winter.

So we’ve taken the liberty to assemble a list of outfits that you can use with your clothes and that can be worn perfectly in hot weather, like different skirt models and dresses, so you can welcome the spring with the style that you need to project.

A-line skirt and ankle Boots

A totally ready –for- the office kind of look that combines very feminine midi skirts in pastel colors with your favorite leather jacket and black boots to create a ready for an office day style. You can combine a biker jacket to add a punk touch to your outfit.

Pencil skirt with plunge booties

The pencil skirt can come in different colors too, from pastels to bright colors like yellow or orange. Mix it with plunge boots to create a perfect outfit for any itinerary changes you have during your day, from a visit to a bar to a night out with friends.

Mini skirt with ankle boots

Your everyday skirts, A-line miniskirts or small dresses pair excellent with this type of ankle booties. Combine them with closed booties or those booties with fringes to create a casual and cool look, wear a handbag the same tone than your shoes to make your outfit look amazing.

Long skirts and dresses with combat boots

Add a special touch on your boho skirt using your combat boots, asides from making you feel safer while walking, you can recreate a grunge style that will keep you comfortable at all times.

Floral skirts and ankle boots

A different way to use your floral skirt adding a 90’s style to your outfit, is to combine it with combat boots or laces boots. Add a basic blouse that will make the floral design of your skirt stand out. You can also wear it with a Scottish design skirt to add a very punk touch to your outfit.

How about these options to combine your boots with your favorite skirts? Find the pair that works better with you this season in our Online Store

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